Meet the Junipers

None of these names are real..  I'm really hoping you caught on, because seriously, I would not marry a man named Bean.

Oliver is my son.  He's ten and drives me up the fucking wall.  He tries things like hatching dragon eggs in the backyard, and building a time machine so he can meet the Beatles.

Tallulah is my 7 year old daughter and she is all attitude and all princess.  She's certain the world revolves around her and as determined as she is, someday it might.

Bean is my husband.  He's hilarious and almost as crazy as I am.  He'd have to be to put up with me.

Miley is my very good friend who you can find here.  We've been friends for about 15 years now, and she's still the most honest person I know.

Those are the main ones, but you may see these too:

Perry - The Starter Husband, a dickwhistle.

Mom - My mom, who lives with us.

Alien - Oliver's biological father, up until recently a little MIA.

Connie - My cousin and closest friend.

Ophalia - Who's my friend, but such a damn diva. I love her.

Superman - My cop buddy.

#1 - #8 - My cousins, all the sons of Aunt and Uncle Straight-Laced.

Hero - Another cousin.  Young, blonde, brilliant, gorgeous.

Amara - My sister.  The bitch.

Mia - Yet another cousin, this one evil.