Friday, December 31, 2010

God Grant Me..

After not blogging for over a month, you'd think that I would be bursting with things to say, but no..

For the last week I've been trying to think up a post, and I've got nothing. Maybe blogging is like studying, if you get out of the habit, its very hard to get back in..

But, since it's New Year's Eve, a year in review is in order (plus it means I don't have to be too creative).

In 2010:

  • I got married to my soul mate (technically this was 2009, but it was December, so it counts for 2010).

  • I discovered that doctors do not know everything.

  • I became the not so proud owner of 2 rat dogs.

  • I managed to keep my job.

  • I've more or less come to terms with my sister being evil.

  • I became an aunt, again.

  • I lost my best friend.

  • I found woman's best friend in the form of a floppy mess of a goldendoodle.

  • I found some old friends I thought I had lost.

  • I did not win the lottery on multiple occassions.

  • I ripped up carpet for the first time.

  • I learned to let go of my children, just a little.

  • I became addicted to blogging.

  • I did not kill any members of my family.

  • I had "the talk" with Oliver, several times.

  • I got my first credit card.

  • I decorated my first cake.

  • I went gambling for the first time.

  • I stretched my non-craftiness to the absolute limit with scrapbooking and party planning.

  • I've had to bend my beliefs and open my mind.

    But most of all, I've learned the importance of the serenity prayer.


                KLZ said...

                That cake is freaking gorgeous, as are you

                Mad Mind said...

                I love the serenity prayer. Too many people forget how important it is, not just for 12 step programs.

                BTW, love the cake.