Saturday, January 1, 2011

Enough of that Sappy Shit

Now that you got a post all sappy and heartfelt and shit, it's time to put away the tissues and get back to work.

Bean and I don't do New Years Resolutions. But, here's my list of things that would be fucking awesome to have happen in 2011.

  • Win the lottery. Obviously.
  • Take the kids to Colorado. Preferably with Bean.
  • Keep Oliver from being bullied to badly at school.
  • Potty train the damn rat dog bitch.
  • Let the damn rat dog bitch have some puppies.
  • Sell said puppies.
  • Get decorations for my bathroom Christmas tree.
  • Boycott Science Fair.
  • Get a new damn job (or at least a new boss).
  • Conquer the world (in Civilization).
  • Get a computer that actually works.
  • Get a laptop that noone else is allowed to touch, so that I have somewhere to put my porn collection.
  • Pay off my brand new paper credit card.
  • Buy Christmas/Birthday presents in advance.
  • Have a fucking amazing not 30th birthday party.
  • Educate Bean on which Holidays are important to me, and which ones I don't give a rat dogs ass about.

    But mostly, just try to enjoy life a little more.


Miss Nikki said...

That is by far THE best fuckin' non resolution list of things anybody could want. Best. Ever. 'Nough said.

Will you add post more often to the list? (wink-wink)

Hi JJ, been missing you. *le sigh*

p.s. like how I even sigh in French?

Daisygirl said...

Here is to enjoying life and personal computers with hot porn...oh and boycotting science fairs! haha!

Happy New Year!

Mad Mind said...

This is a GREAT list! I may have to make one of my own.

And think about laughing more often. I find it most emotionally lifting.

bluzdude said...

Whoa... 2011 sees Jennifer roaring back with a vengeance!