Friday, April 16, 2010

Principal of the Year

So Oliver told me yesterday that if he gets commended on all portions of his TAKS test (don't get me started on how absurd TAKS is - it's a whole diatribe) that he will get to take a picture in his principal's corvette and he has a theory on that (I'm so proud!! He's all getting theories, just like Mommy!!):

Oliver: Most principals don't have corvettes, they have volkswagons.

Me: oh yeah?

Oliver: Yeah. But Mrs. P has a corvette!! I guess that's what happens when you're Principal of the year.

Me: You think?

Oliver: Yup. If you win then you get a corvette!!

Now I'm not saying that this theory shouldn't be true - but somehow I don't think it is.

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Anonymous said...

Can you say mid-life crisis?