Sunday, May 2, 2010

Assuming that Doctor Knows Best..

I went to a new doctor for my migraines. And I am one of those people who actually read the prescription pamphlets. He put me on two new drugs to prevent migraines. One is normally used to treat high blood pressure (I have low blood pressure) and one was for depression (I may be crazy, but depressed I am not). So this leads me to wonder - WTH??
Did he read something in those 12 pages that I had to fill out that lead him to believe that depression is my problem?? And what was my blood pressure on Wednesday that made him think I needed drugs for that??
I mean yeah, I worry about everything, but my blood pressure is half of what Bean's is. And sure I blame myself for everything that goes wrong, but normally that's because it is my fault..

I'm going to choose to believe that he knows something about these drugs that I don't and let it go. For now.


woman:confused said...

so... migraines are caused by blood vessels constricting... so if they lower your blood pressure maybe the blood won't be going there so fast?

depression meds are used for like.. everything... from pain to psychosis to sexual dysfunction. Maybe there's something in it that messes with chemicals in a good way.

Jenn said...

I hope so. Incidentally, they have helped. The question now is - did they really help or did I just convince myself that they should, and therefore they did??