Sunday, March 21, 2010

Home Wrecker

I routinely hack my mother's Facebook mostly to send myself Farmville gifts. But today there was a posting from someone that caught my eye. It was on an article they had read on infidelity and Facebook and how it made them want to pare down their friends list to girlfriends and family only (obviously posted by a woman). Here's the article.

I don't disagree with most of the article - people cheat, we know this, and the internet is a cheater's playground. The part that got me was how you should set up safeguards for talking to any non-related member of the opposite sex to prevent anything ever becoming an issue.

I've got a problem with that. It's like you're going into it saying "I don't trust that you can control yourself if you instant message a woman, so I'm not allowing it." Really?? Because if you can't trust your husband to TALK to another woman then I really don't think that your biggest problem is IF he's going to cheat on you. It's more like WHEN. Because either your suspicions are totally founded and he's a cheating jerk (in which case why did you marry him?!?!) or you're going to drive him to cheat with your constant accusations and lack of trust!!

Sorry. Bean has friends who are women, and I wouldn't choose to be friends with all of them, because some of them are grumpy irritating loud mouths, but they're his friends, not mine. And my best friend is a man (who he likes, because my taste is awesome and my friends are WAY cooler than his) and I have other guy friends that he's only briefly met and he's still ok with. But he can go out (or instant message) with Little Ms. Irritating or Mrs. Loves Dogs without me whenever & I can go out (or text) with Superman or Peter Parker whenever I want all by myself without a chaperone. And we're ok with that, because we trust each other.

What a novel concept.

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