Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Island of Serenity

So me and one of my coworkers (the only female coworker I have that I like) have a brilliant plan.

See we don't actually work out of the same office, so we thought that we should have a new office halfway in between just for us and since we both work for the same VP it would work out wonderfully. We thought that we'd call it the Island of Serenity.

This way we wouldn't have to deal with the evil drama queens at her office or the people who like to slow me down at my office, and everyone would be happy. We would be able to get amazing amounts of work done and be happy all at the same time. It would be awesome.

I presented it to our VP today. He said no way. He doesn't want to be without her and I can't leave my guys alone. I'm not giving up though - I really want my Island of Serenity.

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