Tuesday, March 23, 2010

OOOOHHHH The Pain!!!!

Normally my migraines are pretty well controlled. And by that I mean that I only have a slam-my-head-in-the-door-to-stop-this, do-you-really-want-to-ask-me-that-question, leave-me-alone-before-I-kill-you-or-vomit-or-both kind of migraine about twice a month. I have headaches just about every day, but those are fine, completely ignorable and I only have to actually take something three times a week on a bad week.

So maybe to you that doesn’t sound very controlled, but since it’s down from please-chop-my-head-off-because-it-would-be-better-than-dealing-with-one-more-minute-of-this-pain every afternoon, I’m good.

My biggest issue is that they don’t just last for an hour (or four). They last for days. I had one that lasted for three weeks.

This one is pretty massive and we’re on day three. It’s driving me batty because it’s a visual nightmare.

And of course, Jenn can’t have normal auras. I have to have nutty visual crap. I have to have acid trips without the acid. I feel all tiny and crazy.. It’s not really explainable.

Bean was at work when it started on Sunday, I was not pleased that he wasn’t home to be sympathetic. He wasn’t pleased that he wasn’t home because he was at work (plus he does miss me when he’s gone, I mean I am REALLY adorable):

Me: I’m having an acid trippy night and you’re not here.

Bean: Sorry.

Me: I’m all small.

Bean: I could put you in the pocket of my ugly sweater and carry you around.

Me: You could.

Bean: You could ride Dodger* like Falcor!**

Me: I could.

Bean: Or you could go to sleep and I’ll see you in the morning. ***

*Dodger is our dachshund, who weighs all of 5 lbs.
**Falcor is the luck dragon from “The Neverending Story” who looks kindof like a longhaired dachshund, at least to us.
***There was some really gushy stuff in that last line, but you don’t get to see that part, it’s all mine, just like Bean.

Update: I just thought I would tell you that I have a new fun symptom that I have never experienced. Ever.
There’s a cat in my office. Only there’s not. And I didn’t even take any drugs today.

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