Thursday, March 11, 2010


When they talk about the "Sandwich Generation" I think they're talking about people who have parents older than mine. My mother is only in her 50's. She isn't the slightest bit incapacitated and she's perfectly capable of taking care of herself.

I think they're talking about people who waited to have children until they were 35 who were also children of parents who had them at 35, so grandma and grandpa are in their 70's or even 80's while they still have kids at home.

So I don't think that I'm truly in the "Sandwich Generation". But I do have my mother living in my house, and though she is capable of taking care of herself, she doesn't really.
I mean, yes, she usually feeds herself and she certainly clothes herself and and she takes care of all of her doctor's appointments. But she doesn't pay her own bills, or do the dishes or help with any housework. At all.
She does help with the kids.

But often when she's helping with the kids she's taking away from things I'd like to do with the kids.
Here's an actual conversation:

Mom: Are you ready?

Me: No, we don't need to leave yet.

Mom: Is Oliver ready?

Me: No, we don't need to leave yet.

Mom: Oliver!!!!!!

Me: ????

Mom: Oliver, do you have a belt? Do you have Katie's number?

Me: (He has to wear a belt? Who's Katie?)

Oliver: What?!?

Mom: I read the paper. You need a belt, and Katie wanted to carpool.

Me: (What paper?)

Mom: Are you riding with us?

Me: (Since I'm not ready because I didn't know we had to pick someone else up because you didn't tell me, I guess not!!) No, I'll take my car.

Mom: Ok, bye!

So here's my question - Am I the parent of 2 small children and a moderately helpful teenager, or is she??

Maybe I'm not truly in the "Sandwich Generation" but I do sometimes feel like chopped beef.

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