Thursday, January 28, 2010

Major Fail

I think that most people are by their very nature, selfish. And I am no exception.

For the most part I try very hard to make myself rise above this nature. I care for my children, and occassionally I play Barbies with Tallulah, and look at Pokemon cards with Oliver. I talk about various people with "J" names with Miley when I'd rather be taking a nap. And I talk about church gossip and hot Irish guys with Ovalia* when I have a migraine. But this time, I screwed up, I mean not just a little, but there is a big fat, huge marked FAIL stamped on my forehead.

One of my closest friends Cara has been wading through a big load of poo for a while now, and I had been doing my best to walk on the sidewalk next to her (because you know it's not really possible to get down in the poo with someone) so she wouldn't feel quite so lonely. But since I go married (a little over a month ago) I've been busy adjusting, and I just haven't had as much time for friends. So while I have tried to call, I just haven't as much.

So I hurt her feelings, naturally.

And I feel like poo. Naturally.

*This is not to say that I don't like talking about various people whose names start with "J", church gossip, or hot Irish guys - because I actually love it, just not when I want to take a nap or have a migraine.


woman:confused said...

It's OK to fail sometimes. Nobody is perfect. Plus, the phone works both ways. Well... At least I hope it does in this case. Sometimes people have a LOT of poo.

Jenn said...

That may be what part of the problem was - that I can only handle one seriously poo'd out situation at a time, and Connie's were so much worse..