Monday, January 25, 2010

I Don't Know Why.. AKA Pretty Fires

Bean & I work for the same company. He works nights as a dispatcher & I work days as an administrative assistant AKA office mommy.

"Where are the pencils Jenn, I need a pencil and I can't find one!!!!!"

"Did you look in the closet that I labeled 'Supply Closet' in large letters"


"See, that's where the pencils, and other supplies live."


yup, office mommy. They keep threatening to make me a dispatcher, and I think that would be great, but only if I get to play bumper boats, and make pretty fires. At that point, they renege on the offer. I don't know why.

Anyway. Last night, while Bean was working, there was an "incident" so when he told me about it this is pretty much how the conversation went.

Bean: One of the boats had an accident.

Me: Oooohh.. Did it catch on fire?

Bean: No. Smooshed. Everyone is ok though.

Me: They never make fire. Was it your boat?

Bean: No. You're sad that it didn't catch on fire?

Me: Figures. Everyone else gets to play bumper boats.

Bean: ??

Me: Yeah!! I told them I would dispatch if I could make pretty fires!!

Bean stopped talking to me, I don't know why......

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