Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Poor Phone

I have this crazy cool new phone. I mean really it's awesome. You wouldn't believe how cool it is - it's way cooler than I am, I'm pretty sure that it was probably bummed when I bought it because it should belong to someone much cooler than I am.

And I love my phone, but it has a tendancy to not do things that I want it to do, like ring. And sometimes the alarm doesn't go off. I think that it's in protest for me being so very uncool and owning such a very cool phone.

So tonight I was determined to play with the alarm long enough to figure out why it wouldn't go off. So I set it for 8:00. And it didn't go off. Then I set it for 8:05, but I was talking on the phone at 8:05, so that one didn't count, so I set it for 8:10. Didn't go off. So I looked at all the settings and messed with them and the volume and all that good stuff, and then set it for 8:15. No luck. 8:20. Nothing.

Do you have any idea how much it helps when you turn the alarm on??

1 comment:

woman:confused said...

Maybe you should blow on it. You know, like a video game.