Thursday, October 7, 2010

2 Truths and a Lie

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Tell me 2 truths and a lie and make me guess which is the lie. You've played this game before, so why not join The Scoop on Poop and CA Girl every Thursday by
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2.Posting your 2 truths and a lie
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4.Reveal your lie the next week!

Last week I said:

1. My sister is her own second cousin.

True. My sister (as in my mother's daughter) was adopted by my mother's 1st cousin, thus making her her own second cousin.

2. My sister is the first born, last born and only child all rolled into one.

Also true. She is my mother's first born. Her adopted mother's only and her adopted father's last born.

3. I am a middle sister.

Very, very false. I'm the baby. Hadn't you noticed that about me??

And moving on to this week:

1. Oliver has decided to do Science Fair again this year.

2. I absolutely detest Science Fair.

3. He wants Tallulah to help him with his project and she's ridiculously excited about it.

Take your guess and come back next week for the reveal!!


Copyboy said...

I would've swore you were a middle sister. You have that Jan Brady hair. :)

Marlene said...

I'm batting a thousand here!! I should get a frickin' prize for this! Maybe you're my long lost soul sister. I seem to know an awful lot about you without knowing you.

Now I get to guess again....and I'd better be right, or I am going to look like a big fat hosebag after THAT comment.

Hmmm. I'll guess #3 again...only because Tallulah has too spunky a name to like anything remotely related to science fairs.