Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Ugly Cancers

If you didn't see my post yesterday, please look over it and come back.

As you read there, I support breast cancer awareness. I really and truly do.


There are other cancers. Ugly cancers. Cancers that people cringe when you talk about them.

Remember Farrah Fawcett??

Anal Cancer.

Noone wants to talk about that. Or buy/wear little brown ribbons in support of Anal Cancer awareness.

There is no "Lung Cancer Awareness Month" (or if there is, then it's so poorly advertised that I haven't the foggiest when it is).

But here we are smack dab in the middle of Think Pink month.

Lung cancer kills more every year than breast cancer and is harder to treat. And prostate cancer isn't far behind. But there is no special awareness month for them.

Because boobs are pretty. Everyone likes boobs.

Either you're a man and they make you feel warm and fuzzy, or you're a big breasted woman and proud, or you have itty bitty titties and you have boob-envy.

Everyone likes boobs.

So of course everyone wants to "Save the TaTa's".

But shouldn't there be more of a campaign for the ugly cancers??

What about skin cancer?? Or Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma??

What about Leukemia??

We should be having just a "Cancer Awareness Month" and giving information on all cancers. Because they all kill. Even the ugly ones.


Copyboy said...

Now that is certainly an honest perspective. :)

Evonne said...

I support breast cancer awareness, too, but other cancers needs more recognition.

I do believe November is pancreatic cancer awareness month, but you won't see purple everywhere during that month.

Miss Nikki said...

I think I'll declare August anal cancer month. For some reason August and brown seems to go together. And I shall wear brown in August. And blow dry my hair like Farrah so people will understand what I'm talking about!

The Bipolar Diva said...

good point!

vickilikesfrogs said...

THANK YOU for this post. When my mom was dying from throat cancer, I saw so many pink ribbons I wanted to strangle someone with them. If anyone ever wanted to know, the ribbon for oral, head, and neck cancer is burgundy with a white or beige stripe. Just sayin.

Jennifer Juniper said...

No problem Vicki. I didn't have a problem finding yellow ribbons and wristbands for Bean, but only because of Lance Armstrong.
I have known so many people with cancer and it just breaks my heart that there isn't recognition for all of them.

Crazy Brunette said...

I've known somebody with every type of cancer you just mentioned. I'm in complete agreement bitch!

Judie said...

You are soooo RIGHT! I have known two women who have died from breast cancer. I have known MANY people who have died from bone, prostate, skin, leukemia, colon, brain. And all of those have been within the last 2 years!!

Marlene said...

I totally agree. Funny...this is one of hubby's major beefs. "Everything is breast cancer...what happened to the other cancers?"

Aunt Crazy said...

You are so very right!!!

p.s. I used to have ginormous boobies and I had itty bitty titty envy, NOW, I have itty bitty titties and I LOVE THEM!!!

Kelly said...

I feel the same way. It didn't bother me before I had cancer myself. I support cancer awareness and research for ALL types of cancers. It seems like the general public is only concerned about breast cancer awareness.

If other cancer's got even half as much publication as breast cancer does it would be wonderful! It just chaps my ass that I'll be trying to search for awareness clothing and other items online and guess what pops up?? Pink, pink, pink!!! It drives me crazy sometimes!

Every month is an awareness month for different types of cancer. May is Skin cancer/Melanoma awareness month. I have a calendar from my cancer center that lists them all. I'll get it out tomorrow and email you what each month is.

Great post doll!!