Friday, October 22, 2010

Fanfuckingtastic Friday

Boobies has this absolutely amazing little meme on Fridays..

BWS tips button

It's an open invitation to give a big ole' fawk you out to whomever you'd like. (Except I don't fawk, I fuck.. If I don't watch my language for my kids, I'm not watching it for you, sorry.)

I alluded to this on Tuesday with my Post-Its, but I thought I’d elaborate for y’all.
One of my fabulous co-workers left a note lying around.
It was found, and it said this:

"Cutting Costs:
Diversify/Combine postions
Do away with Sec position”

That’s me.

I was going to just let it go, but my VP, Anal Boss, came in the office on Tuesday and I started freaking the fuck out.

Fanfuckingtastic!! He’s here to fire me!!

All day long.

I couldn’t handle it, so I asked him.

He said my job wasn’t in danger.


But who wrote the note??

I have no idea.

I have suspicions.

Mostly centering around the 3 guys in the office who know what the word “diversify” means. And since one of those is my husband, that just makes 2.

So fuck you whoever wrote that note.

And I'm still not clear on the whole thing, but somehow Christy has something to do with Fawk You Fridays and I love her.


Copyboy said...

Yeah, this economy breeds some real assholes in the workplace. Ohh, I don't have to excuse my french on this site. :)

Miley (woman:confused) said...

LOL @ "only 3 who know what the word means"

Christy said...

That was just mean on their part. Who the hell does that?

Boobies asked me to co-host so I can help spread the word. I tend to post about how people can get involved without using what they consider to be an offensive button. That's how I got involved. I'm weird I know.

Marlene said...


(And I think that's the first time I've seen copyboy say "asshole"! LOL!)

Anonymous said...

Scandalous! I say you have a hater in the department. Fawkers!

Christy is my lovely co-host...she reps Fawk You Fridays like no other!

Hope you're having a good weekend sexy!

Yuliya said...

Unbelievable! Who does that? I'm hoping that it's just an elaborate prank for your sake.