Monday, November 15, 2010

JJ Plays with Powertools

I mentioned yesterday that I played with powertools this weekend. It was great fun.

See, Alien put this maze up for Oliver's Halloween party. And it consisted of 4 foot fence posts and black tarp running around the back patio.

Well the tarp came down November 1st. But in order to take the fence apart, you needed powertools.

A drill to be more specific.

But I figured Alien would get around to it in a week or so, so I didn't worry.

And then he didn't.

And Bean wasn't feeling great, so he didn't.

And Perry never does anything without being directly asked.

So for almost 2 weeks, I haven't been able to use my back gate or patio.

Saturday I got tired of it.

I called Perry and asked him if he would put the screwdriver thingy on the end of the drill for me when he came over to pick up Oliver's stuff (because I had no idea how to do that part). He did.

And off to take apart the fence I went.

At first I just did the part blocking the back gate, since it was really the pain in the ass, because our driveway goes to the back gate, not the front door, and I have a hard enough time getting Mom to pull all the way up in the driveway when the gate is unblocked, let alone when it's blocked.

Then I waited, because Bean was sleeping for work Saturday night.

When 3:00 rolled around and Bean left for work, I went out to finish the job.

I got all of it taken apart and set to the side and was working on the very last piece when the screw came out a little more quickly than I was expecting and the whole 6 foot section of fence fell on my right foot.

And it hurt like a sonnofabitch.

And I'm not positive that I didn't break something, since it's swollen and a little black around the edges.

Do you see why I don't play with powertools??

It's not because I'm not capable. It's because there is always someone else who can do it better and faster than me and without a fence falling on their foot.


bluzdude said...

See? You're already doing things like a man... blaming the power tools for your sore foot.

I did a post once, I don't know if you were reading me yet, but I had to install mini-blinds in a new apartment. I borrowed a power screwdriver (from the Ex) but it just wouldn't screw the damned screws into what I thought was very soft wood. After about 20 minute of grunting and swearing, I realized that the screwdriver had been set on "retract."


Stupid screwdriver.

KLZ said...

This is precisely why men don't do anything quickly. They know eventually we'll do it and sustain the injuries for them.

Christy said...

I avoid power tools when looking at something that large. And I am entirely in agreement with KLZ. They will stop doing anything if we do it for them.

Miss Nikki said...

ohmygodyoucouldareallyreallyreallyseriouslyhurtyourself! haha! No really, imagine the serious damage your could have done. Of all the power tools out there, the drill is the one that will backlash in an evil kind of way. Like it's got it's own mind and intent which is to damage the user. But in a side note, I wish I were there to witness it, that way I'd have visuals to laugh at. See, pain is entertaining especially when a huge piece of wood which is being released does what it's told to do and follow simple laws of gravity. Funny. ツ