Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Things I Don't Do

This week I'm exploring my girliness, so I thought I'd make a list of all the things I don't do that maybe people think I should to be a self-sufficient person (because I'm anal meticulous like that).

I don't do cars. As in check oil or fluid or change tires.

I don't do taping - like around the edges when I paint.

I don't do yard work. At least not if I can help it.

I don't do grilling.

I don't fix things - like leaky pipes or clogged toilets or broken lights.

And I realize that some of you are reading this thinking "what a lightweight!!" or something similar, but let me explain..

I have 13 male cousins who all live in the greater Houston area and I only share them with 2 other girls (Amara doesn't count because she lives in Austin).

I have 4 Uncles.

Many guy friends.

Several incredibly capable girlfriends.

Perry - who likes to prove his manliness by doing shit around my house.

Alien - who is actually relatively handy.

Pa - who is a carpenter.

And Bean, who will do just about anything I ask him to.

So why the hell would I ever need to learn these things??

Yes, I realize that taping is ridiculously easy, but for some reason I do a craptastic job and everything I tape looks like shit. Plus it takes me years to tape a wall. So yeah, I could do it. Or - I could call Perry who does a much better job than I do in a quarter of the time.

Do you understand now??

It's not about being the helpless girl. Its about understanding my limits.

I know that I wouldn't do these things well, and I have many people around me who can do them better and faster and without breaking something - like their foot - so I leave these things to the experts, who almost all just happen to be men.


Miss Nikki said...

How IS your foot by the way?

When my dad and I lived in the same town (let me rephrase that to when my dad lived...) he considered me his "boy" as in I'd be the first person he'd call to: change the 5 gal water bottle on his cooler, fix his computer, set-up said computer in wall unit, fix his leaky faucet (which I did even though I had NO clue what I was doing), figure out why a certain light would burn out faster than any other, etc. See, my dad was an artist (a photographer and a musician) and he had 4 girls, me being the baby and so eager to please I ended up figuring out how to do the things the "man of the house" normally does. Plus playing with cars was such fun, they could crash into each other!

vickilikesfrogs said...

Wow, I'm behind on my reading! I *love* the new look!!! (I also love the word "craptastic, hee hee)

Copyboy said...

Hey I'm a prissy city boy. I have way more limits than you. BTW...for a second I thought taping had to do with a bikini or a strapless dress.

Miley said...

I had to laugh about the car thing because I remember that time that you were still married to Perry and HE didn't do car stuff either ;)

If you ever need any of that stuff done and your 13 male cousins and your friends like glass and superman are MIA, holla.

(PS, Glass said I get to use his rotary saw to make Elise's bed. Wanna help?!)

Daisygirl said...

I don't do cars, I dont know how to grill and hell don't ask me to fix a leaky pipe..haha!

Drake Sigar said...

I'm a man and can't do any of those things. :P

Christy said...

I hate taping to paint. So I just got really good at not needing it. LOL! There are very few things I will tape. If it's something I may ruin? I take the time, but never anything else.

Judie said...

I do everything but the yard work. By his own admission, Rod is a mechanical idiot. Well, SOMEBODY has to do it!!

Boobies said...

I also do NONE of the above...I do TRY to grill but have a fear it's going to explode when I ignite it. ;)