Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Masterful Victory of Oliver the King of the Elves

The hero was minding his own business walking through the forbidden forest.

He was unafraid. He'd faced all of these dangers before.

The fortress that could not be toppled trembled at his footstep.

The sasquatch followed obediently at his heels.

And the giant??

He was the hero's best friend.

No, there were no more mysteries here for him. It was as safe to him as a child's backyard. As it should be, since he was Oliver, King of the Elves.

But on this day something was different.

A serpent had crept into the forest and lay watching him.

As he talked to the giant and played with the sasquatch it came upon him in stealth.

But the serpent could not fool wise Oliver.

He snatched it from the air as it rose to strike.

The snake reared ready to change his target and strike at anything he could, but Oliver was fast.

He threw the serpent into the Bog of No Return, but not before the serpent gave him a parting gift, a bite to the eye.

As the hero watched his foe sink to oblivion, he felt the sting of venom. He screamed.

Luckily for him, the giant knew the way to the old witch's den. There he led the king. Who begged for a potion from the evil hag.

A potion she had. And once Oliver, the King of the Elves, demonstrated his courage and kindness, she gave it to him without delay, instantly healing his grevious injury.

So Oliver, the King of the Elves, our hero can once again stroll through the forbidden forest unhindered.
And the serpent?? He still sinks in the Bog of No Return.


Miss Nikki said...

Is the serpent the father?

I'm glad Oliver is ok, beware if ever ANY harm is done to him I'm so jumping on the plane to Juniperland and coming to the rescue, I even have a cape and superwoman boots ready and waiting...

Jennifer Juniper said...

Haha.. no.

The serpent was a big stick Oliver was playing with in the backyard.. poor guy has a shiner.

And in case you were wondering the giant is Dodger and the sasquatch is Rowlf.

Christy said...

Tell the serpent, Perry, he deserves the bog for me will you?