Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Things I Do

Since I made you guys all think I'm an idiot yesterday, I thought today I'd try to redeem myself.

Here are some things that I do that maybe aren't girly girl things.

I pay bills. Bean has no idea how much we make or spend or anything. Neither does Mom.

I move furniture. Often. As in whenever I get bored. Which is often. And if there's someone around to help, great. If not, oh well.

I paint. I like to paint walls.

I train my dog. (no, this isn't something I really consider manly, but I do consider my 60 lb dog much manlier than Bean's 8 lb rat dog)

I make good steak.

I put furniture together.

I like to drive and make a terrible passenger.

See. I'm not completely incompetent.

Mostly I'm just about doing what needs to be done. And if noone else will/can do it, then I will. But alot of times I do something and realize that I suck at it. So while I know how it's done, and will do it again if necessary, I will never choose to do it.

Other things (like painting) I did once when I had noone to help me and realized that I do it faster and better than the ones I was calling to help me. So I stopped calling for help.


Aunt Crazy said...

You, my dear, rock my socks.

p.s. wanna pait at my house? LMFAO

Miss Nikki said...

Painting IS fun, and I agree the taping part of that program sucks ass... (but that was for another post!)

Christy said...

I am ALWAYS wanting to move the furniture around. I just get told to warn everyone so they don't kill themselves in the middle of the night. I'm also the same way with painting. It's much easier for me to do.