Monday, March 28, 2011

About Yesterday

If you read yesterday's post and wondered, here's the story:

We're having some remodeling done. And my paneling is gone.


And the new floors go in sometime between Tuesday and two weeks from Tuesday. Mom can't remember.

So I have unpainted drywall above floors that are going to be replaced.

I needed to paint. Now.

Bean helped me decide on colors, and vetoed the one I really liked.

Then he went to the store for Oliver's project supplies and took Tallulah to see bluebonnets.

And then he slept. All day.

Don't get me wrong. He hurt. I know he did. And he went to Oliver's school carnival on Friday.

But I had to prime and paint the entire front section of the house while getting over the plague and working.

I'm still not done.

So I have definitely decided.

I want a wife.

Because a wife would have gone to the store and taken Tallulah and then made lunch and sat on her ass for an hour and then looked at me drenched in sweat, coughing up a lung and picked up a paintbrush no matter how much she hurt.

Because that's how women work.

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