Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Being Supergirl

I've decide that my new pink laptop makes me Supergirl.

And not the 1980's blonde version (with a weirdly hesitant voice/accent) but the adorable pink Supergirl version (I know this version well, since this was Tallulah's Halloween costume a few years ago) - and of course my version has crazy brunette hair..


I had my desk all set up all day with my work computer in front of me and my laptop carefully set up so that you had to actually walk your happy ass around behind me in order to see that I was blogging and playing farmville.

Of course, there may or may not be cameras in our new office (did I mention that the office moved out of the ghetto?? That's a whole 'nother post), so its entirely possible that Money Boss and Anal Boss were watching me blog and play farmville while they ate popcorn.

So it was all set up & I had my snazzy insanely massive bag under my desk. And I blogged. Twice.

Because I'm Supergirl and I can blog and work and plant/harvest crops and plot to take over the world all without breaking a sweat all because of my pink laptop.

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Nikki Rules said...

Money Boss and Anal boss eating popcorn? Sounds like an episode of The Office!

Enjoy the pink laptop supergirl!

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