Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Damn Newfangled Shit

I want you all to know that I killed my phone a few months ago.

And my new phone hates me. It's exactly the same as my old phone, and all the settings are identical, but it hates me.

Or more specifically it hates my blog and won't show me my email and my comments.

Maybe if I flush this one I'll get a new new phone and this one will like me.


Anonymous said...

A gift and a curse!

Maria said...

Hi Jennifer!

Great, sassy blog :) I'm sorry to leave you a comment like this, but I can't track down your email. I work at EdenFantasys.com, a great adult retailer and I wanted to talk to you about doing sponsored posts for us. Could you send me an e-mail if you're interested? maria@edenfantasys.com


Attila The Mom said...

Do it! LOL