Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rowlf's Hair

For the last 2 months I've been contemplating what I want to do with ROwlf's hair when it finally grows out from all the horrendous haircuts he's had lately.
(After the poodle cut there was an incident involving a mat on his ear so they had to be shaved.)

Because really there are so many options..

There's the sweet floppy way he use to wear it..

Or we could go with a VanDyke.

Or perhaps a peacock look.

Tallulah loves cats, so maybe a lion cut.

Oliver needs something to get him more interested in History, so we could have a buffalo in the house.

Or maybe something a bit more laid back to go with his personality.

But my personal favorite is the mohawk.

Bean said I could. But I don't think he realized that I wasn't joking, so after our Colorado trip, I'm thinking a trip to the groomers is in order.

1 comment:

Marlene said...

Oh my gosh...this is HILARIOUS!!! But seriously, who'd make their poor dog into a peacock?!!! LOL!