Saturday, February 6, 2010


Bob is my favorite guy that I don't actually know from work. Bean says that I have to really careful about what I say about work so that none of my non-existent readers can figure out where I really work (since I'm forever talking about how I want to blowup all the boats) so I can't tell you what he does, but he's super nice.

Most of the guys who I don't really know are kind of rude to me, they like to tell me how to do my job, or they assume that I'm the other chic that works in the office (which is a little insulting since I've been there longer than she has).

But Bob called one day and asked very nicely if I could make a list for him of something (which Bean says I can't explain any better than that), and since he asked all nicely, I did.

And because of the nature of this list, it changes every once in awhile so I send him an updated list everytime it changes, because he's nice.

I've never met Bob, and I probably never will, but in my head he looks like the Gordon's Fisherman.

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