Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Service or maybe Train Wreck

Since they cancelled the 9:45 Contemporary Service at my church they've been working on a new contemporary service that's supposed to start up on Feb 21st at 5:00.

It's supposed to be involving the Youth Band and be about 30 minutes long and have all kinds if different things going into it..

They've got me helping with the planning, because I did most of the planning for the old service.

And that's cool and everything, except that I really don't care all that much and they haven't really listened to anything that I've said which makes me not care even more.

Plus they haven't figured out the order of the service yet, and they've only practiced 2 of the 4 songs, and they're supposed to be getting me Powerpoint so that I can do the slideshow, but they haven't.

So either, by the grace of God it's all going to fall into place, or:



Anonymous said...

Hello??? Updates???? Update us on what is going on with you.

Jenn said...

Sorry!! I was actually unaware that I had more than 1 reader.. (and I talk to her daily) I'm feeling really loved!!