Saturday, February 6, 2010

F.B.I Update

I love my job.

On Thursday I sent an email to the over-achieving safety chic, it went something like this:

Dear Over-achieving Safety Chic,
We have an situation here that I feel needs to be brought to your attention. There are two very fishy barrels in our parking lot, that may contain explosives or possibly homeless midgets, we're not sure which. But either way I think that falls under your jurisdiction seeing as explosives are obviously very dangerous and homeless midgets could possibly also be dangerous.
Could you please take care of the F.B.I. as I really don't want to be blown up or accosted by homeless midgets. I've attached pictures.
Thank you.

She replied:
Dear Jenn,
I have some questions:

When did the barrels appear?

Where are they currently located?

Do they have any markings or labels?

Has anyone else been informed?

My response:
Dear Over-achieving Safety Chic,

About a week ago.

In the parking lot.

I have no idea, since I have not gotten close enough to see that. I made one of the guys take the pictures I sent to you.

Everyone in the office.

And then she sent an email to all the higher ups saying that they should probably have the building management take care of that. Somehow I don't think that she believes there are explosives or midgets in the barrels.

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