Friday, February 26, 2010

The Canada/Nepal Theory Proven

Yeah. So in case you missed it - I'm certain that Canada is evil, only nobody cares because everyone is too busy hating the United States (you should really read the other blog about it - it was awesome).

But I found someone who completely agrees with me - a celebrated author, Rick Riordan, the guy that wrote the Percy Jackson books.

See, it started with an unofficial field trip I went on with Oliver.

We went to the movies to see The Lightening Thief (which was a really good movie, but only an okay book adaptation). I really enjoyed it because I hadn't read the book yet (because Oliver kept losing it everytime I went to read it), but his class didn't because they all had.

So when we got home I started the book. And when I finished The Lightening Thief, I started Sea of Monsters.

At the beginning of Sea of Monsters Percy is attacked by Laistrygonians, huge cannibals who live in the far north and who never come as far south as New York. And when he asks for the English translation he's told "Canadians". See, Canadians are evil.

And really throughout the whole series there are all kinds of monsters that come down from Canada, so I am not the only person who thinks that Canadians are evil, Rick Riordan also aparantly thinks this, he just covers it up by saying "Its a story". But us Canada/Nepal Theory Devotees know better. We know that he's a fellow believer.

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