Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Demise

I am totally going to die. You should absolutely not come have lunch with me or bring me flowers or visit me at work for any reason whatsoever. Really. Because someone left these really creepy barrels of something out in our parking lot.

I should now mention that our parking lot is right off a major freeway and so it's kind of a pain to get to so noone would think to themselves,

"Gee what a nifty place to store my creepy barrels!"

Oh, and we're also in just about the ghettoest place you can be in Houston without actually being in one of the wards and noone has stolen them, so they are too creepy even for the creeps.. Yeah.

Plus since all the really awesome people on the ship channel work in my building, it would be an fantastic terrorist target..

But I don't think that a terrorist put them there, I think that the creepy ex employee who came to work on his last day looking like he had a bomb strapped to his chest is the one who put them there..

He SAYS that it was a karate gui under his sweater, but I think he was just happy to see me..

Anyway.. I'm totally going to email these pictures to the over-achieving safety chic and tell her we have an F.B.I. and she should investigate it, and possibly call the other FBI, because those barrels could explode at any minute.


Miley said...

oh how fabulous. blegh.

Kelly said...

Thanks for stopping by!! I'm following you back :)
Congrats to your husband!! That is GREAT!