Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bridges Over Troubled Water

I hate water. I can't swim, and water terrifies me.

So do bridges because they could fall down and then I'd fall into the water in my car and be trapped there while the water came rushing in and I'd die. Nevermind that most bridges are high enough that I'd almost certainly die from the fall itself - I'm fully aware of all the logical reasons why this is insane, but it doesn't really matter. I hate water.

Unfortunately there are quite a few bridges between Houston and Lake Charles.

Bean: It's a good thing I drove with all these bridges.

Me: It really wouldn't have been a big deal, because most of these bridges are over rivers and rivers are only 3 feet deep.

Bean: ??

Me: You didn't know that??

Bean: What about the ship channel??

Me: Oh no.. the ship channel is very deep, I mean look at the big ass ships they bring in there.. It's much deeper.

Bean: So you've convinced yourself that ALL rivers, including the Mississippi are only 3 feet deep, but you can't convince yourself that the ship channel is the same??

Me: Exactly.

Bean: You know you're crazy, right??

Me: Yup.

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