Thursday, May 20, 2010

Crazy-er and Hallucinations

I think I may be going crazy-er.

Last night I was locking up the house before going to bed, and I locked the deadbolt on the back door (which Bean cannot unlock from the outside) and then I turned around to head for bed. But halfway to the bedroom I realized what I had done, turned around, went back and unlocked that particular deadbolt, then went to bed for real.

But this morning, Bean was locked out of the house because that deadbolt was locked and the other lock on the door was not.

So I don't know if something happened in the middle of the night to make that lock locked (like Mom got up for some reason and locked it or I sleepwalked and locked it or someone broke into my house & locked it then climbed out a window - you notice how these theories are getting progressively scarier) or if I hallucinated the whole unlocking process.

It sucks to be crazy sometimes.


woman:confused said...

or maybe you just locked the wrong thing b/c you were super sleepy?

Jenn said...

The mystery was solved. Mom locked it.