Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Facebook Pose

Classic "Facebook Pose"

I thought that "The Facebook Pose" was a learned behavior. You know, some visionary took one, and everyone saw how cool they looked with half of their upper arm in the shot and then copied them.
I now know that I was wrong.

Tallulah likes to steal my camera. And I thought she was taking random pictures of her room, the dogs or whatever else struck her fancy - and she was. But she was also taking pictures of herself in "the facebook pose", alot. And where would she have learned "the facebook pose"?? I mean, yes I do have some of those pictures (don't laugh too hard, you know you do too), but usually its because I'm at some cool place with Bean and want to commemorate that with a picture. It's almost never because I need a great headshot for my facebook account. And even if it was - she hasn't seen all the pictures on my facebook.

I guess that I don't have anything to complain about, really. I mean, yeah she took a bunch of pictures of herself, but at least they were all with a really sweet 6 year old smile on her face and not with the "Oh what a big dick" look on her face.

"Oh What a Big Dick" Pose

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