Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fun with Perry

If you've met me, then you know that I am NOT a morning person. And when it comes to my ex-husband, Perry, I'm not an afternoon or evening person either.

But his car broke down this week and if I help him out then he has more money to give me. So I've been sharing a car with him for the last two days (because naturally he couldn't have a broken car when Bean was off, because that might be convenient).

Now, I should not be allowed to be in the same zip code with Perry without at least two cups of VERY strong coffee in my system, and I just don't have time for that before work, so 6:15 is a freaking nightmare.

And then after work on Wednesday, we went to get Subway for dinner. Don't get me wrong, the Subway Sandwich Artist was a moron (or maybe she was just REALLY hard of hearing) and she didn't understand anything I said to her. But as soon as we got back in the car he was telling me about how she tried to make him pay twice.

What?? I was standing right there. She didn't do that. She just gave you a vacant smile and said "Huh??". Do you think that telling me some crazy version of events will change MY memory of it??

Oh, and then there was the conversation where he was telling me how dumb all the interns in his office are - he's a freaking intern*!!

Ugh. At least this week has been a very apt reminder (that I didn't need) of exactly why I divorced his sorry ass.

So incidentally, I've been feeling a little homocidal.

*He's still an intern because he has been putting off taking his tests for the last THREE years - someone tell me please what is the point of going to school for EIGHT FLIPPING YEARS if you're not going to get the license?!?!


woman:confused said...

maybe you could take your homicidal rage to league city?

Jenn said...

Hehe.. only if you take yours to Pearland..