Monday, September 13, 2010

Back to Blogging

I found this on The Scoop on Poop.. And while I did actually have posts set up for this week, I'm scooting them on over and doing these, partially because they're cool, and partially because Thelma and Louise are fucking sweet and I want them.

Gorgeous, huh?? All thanks to Standards of Excellence, Westar Kitchen and Bath, and Florida Builder Appliances. They need to be in my house, don't you think??

Anyway - It's this whole thing from SITS to help people who have been slacking in their blogging to get back in the game called Back to Blogging (yeah, I know, you probably already figured that out). It's excellent, and there's these post prompts, which I love.

Today - My first post ever:

My first post ever was on January 19, 2010, and I do have to say, it kindof sucked:

Once upon a time my father used to sing to me the song "Jennifer Juniper".

Jennifer Juniper rides a dappled mare
Jennifer Juniper lilacs in her hair

I've never heard anyone else sing the song to know if his version was the right tune, and to the best of my knowledge that's not even the chorus, but to a five year old little girl, having a song named after her is the best feeling in the world, and not one that the correct version could possibly better.
Now I know that the song was obviously not named after me.. But part of me still hums that little portion of it to my father's tune and smiles.. Perhaps I was named after the song.

See?? I'm WAY more entertaining now.

So, I'm loving that another option here was to rewrite my first post..

How about this??

Do you have any idea how many "Jennifers" there are?? Yeah, me neither. And growing up I had a last name only slightly less popular than "Smith".

But, my father (who I'm convinced had some kind of split-personality disorder since about half of the time he was sweet as all get out and half the time he made the devil look meek) used to sing me this song in a moderately horrible voice:

Jennifer Juniper rides a dappled mare
Jennifer Juniper lilacs in her hair

And when you're a little girl and your dad is singing you a song with your name in it, you really kind of believe that it's all about you.

But mostly, I'm "Jennifer Juniper" because I need a blog where I can let my crazy out - and where noone that I actually know can find me. And everybody knows that anybody who puts flowers in her hair is just a little bit crazy.

See?? Much better.


Miley (woman:confused) said...

See, I think EITHER of your "first" posts is fine! Of course, that's possibly because I love you.
I'm loving you WAY more today, for obvious reasons though.

I don't think flowers in your hair make you crazy... or are a sign of crazy... but what do I know? I've got 3 in my hair right now and they are all from the yard.

Christy said...

I think we all start out a little slow and unsure of ourselves. That's very typical. Either way, I'm glad you're back!

bluzdude said...

I don't think you have to rejuvenate anything. All our blogs are meant to evolve and improve over time.

And flowers in girls hair are hot!

Judie said...

Your first post was wonderful!! My first post was sooo lame, but I think I got better after a while.

Midwestern Mama Holly said...

I need to head over there stat! My blog has been a little sucktastic as of late.

Sara said...

I am just self-involved enough that I saw Jan 19th and got super excited because that's my birthday.

Naturally, you don't give a flying shit but I want you to know that this made me happy.

Also, there are a shit-ton of Saras. I feel your pain.

Miss Nikki said...

I like this. I like knowing where the Juniper. I like how you describe your relation to your dad. Flowers in hair is crazy? Never knew that.