Sunday, September 19, 2010

Good Kids

On the day of the shower, when my world was all going to shit, while I was out and about, the kids decided to be helpful.

Mom and Bean shrugged it off.

So sweet that they want to help and surprise Mommy.

I know my kids better.

They wanted something.

But that's not the point.

The point is that they:

Cleaned the living room.

Vacuumed the dining room.

Cleaned to kitchen.

Did laundry.


They washed a huge load of their laundry with half a bottle of bleach.

Fortunately Bean jumped in and fixed it as much as he could, but I have no idea how he did. I think the conversations went like this:

Oliver: Bean, is the bleach supposed to smell that strong?

Bean: Umm... Why?

Oliver: Well we did laundry and the bleach smell is really strong.

At which point, Bean leapt out of wherever he was sitting for damage control.

And I do have to say that I admire my husband's self-control, because no yelling whatsoever happened here. No children were injured and no anger was vented.

The death toll was: 4 of Oliver's school shirts, 1 of Tallulah's play skirts.

And there will be housecleaning for the rest of the week if they want new Webkins.


Sara said...

I only cleaned stuff when I heard my mom yelling at my brother.

Mostly because I didn't want her to then direct her anger at me.

Miss Nikki said...

I love how bleach smells on my hands when I do the laundry...

Judie said...

Bleach eats the pee stains Precious leaves on the tile floors. It also eats out the lining of my nasal cavity so all I smell is bleach for hours afterwards. Unless you want your breakfast and lunch to taste like bleach, wait later in the day to use it!