Wednesday, September 8, 2010

JJ Goes to BFE

Saturday was Hero's daughter, Cassidy's birthday party.

Normally I don't go to Hero's house, because she lives in BFE (that's Butt-Fuck Egypt in case you didn't know). But since I'm hoping this is the last year she'll live there I decided to go.

So I gathered up my stuff and took off at 9 am.

I made a pit-stop in Conroe to give Connie back the phone charger that she'd left at my house a few weeks ago.

We met up at Target and she only had 2 out of her 3 kids, one, Leni, who is the same age as Cassidy. So I decided to steal her for the day.

We had a blast.

I loved hanging out with Leni. She hasn't spent as much time with me as her older siblings, so it was just nice to be with her.

She cracked me up - I was listening to a book on my MP3 player and she was in the back seat commenting on it all the way up there. And when we got back in the car to go home, she told me to put it back on.

Anyway, so I borrowed my kid from Target and took off. This place was like an hour off of the freeway in BFE. I had almost no cell reception, and had to drive 30 minutes away to find a Sonic (though, to be fair I think they have a Sonic in town, I just didn't know how to get there). They do have a Walmart, and a Bealls (that's pronounced "Bells" just so you know), but I think the nearest Target is like an hour away.

But I did snag this picture.

That's Hero, taking her turn at the pinata. And yes, it's Spiderman, for a little girl's fourth birthday.


Christy said...

It sounds like a great day.

Sara said...

I love it.

I hope to have a little girl who is a die-hard Cubs fan (don't judge me, we already judge ourselves) and that I can give her a St. Louis Cardinals or Yankees pinata to beat the shit out of.

Spiderman is bad-ass.

Miss Nikki said...

Sometimes I wish Booby (that's my hubby for those who don't now me, yet) back to my thought. Sometimes I wish Booby was a pinata. I could hit him with a stick and eat the candy. I wonder if candy spilling out of his cracked self would taste sweet? Or would it be sour?

Midwestern Mama Holly said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all.. well maybe not the pinata, but you know.. over all .