Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm Too Random for My Blog

It's a random kind of day and its Wednesday so I guess it works out well.

  • I hate Tuesdays.
  • Mostly because Oliver has fencing.
  • Which he loves.
  • But I don't.
  • In fact I loathe it.
  • Purely because practice is at 7:00. So I get to go home, relax and then I have to go out again.
  • This Tuesday I was particularly pissed.
  • Because I had a shittastic day at work
  • And because Glee is back and I couldn't watch it.
  • Oliver got a notebook taken away from him at school.
  • By a teacher
  • Because it had a skull and crossbones on the front
  • A very cartoony skull and crossbones.
  • Mommy's not pleased.
  • Tallulah got "caught being good" at school
  • So she's a "wise owl" now.
  • She's thrilled.
  • Sometimes I really don't understand her.
  • She's so very perfect
  • And that's something I've never been accused of.
  • I just finished listening to the entire "Wheel of Time" series on audiobook
  • While working.
  • Because the next book is due out in November.
  • But now I'm bored.
  • I'm thinking about doing it again
  • But I'm scared the new book will come out before I'm done.


Christy said...

Those days are just ones I mark on the calendar as "My Weird Life". Everything that happens is just weird. And don't ask me to make decisions.

KLZ said...

What the? Taechers can take away notebooks because of illustrations? Do they then have to replace them?

Brandy said...

Of all things to have taken away. Crazy what can be a distraction these days.

Hopping in from Tuesday's hops and now following. Would love for you to visit if you have time.

Princess Andy said...

ugh, i felt that way when my son had archery lessons and the girls were in gymnastics...parents only got to watch once a month so it was usually just waaaaaaiiiiiting. blah. although i did used to there's that.

Timoteo said...

I'm too sexy for my shirt.

Candance said...

Every time I sub, I am treated to the back view of at least one thong and I ain't talking about the ones on your feet, but a skull and crossbones notebook is an issue? For real?

Judie said...

I HATE being bored! When every I get bored, I blow bubbles. Check my blog!!

Sara said...

I have a dumbass class on Tuesdays that cuts into my Glee time.

I feel like it is perfectly acceptable to ask everyone else to make the class half an hour earlier so I can get home and do something I like instead of listen to a bunch of relative strangers bitch.