Monday, September 13, 2010

JJ & Yoda Make a Cake

Sunday me and my friend Aria (AKA Mrs. Superman) threw a shower for our good friend Cara.
First off let me tell you that Cara is the sweetest person ever and has been trying very hard to have a baby, so it had to be absolutely perfect.

So of course I went to Grandma Maude for the cake.

She made my wedding cake.

And also 10 and 6 years worth of perfect birthday cakes (including a 3D Pirate Ship that really was amazing).

This time she wanted to play with fondant, and she wanted me to help her.

I was actually really excited, because it kinda made me feel like I was going to work with Yoda. Only without the nasty ass swamp and and the X-Wing.

So Friday Bean & I packed up the kids and went over to Pa (AKA The Weiner Wrangler) and Maude's.

Maude and I rolled fondant, colored fondant and cut out polka dots in fondant. And while that doesn't really sound like alot of work, let me tell you - I was exhausted when we finally left at 11:00.

Maude and Pa were going to finish it all up for me, but Pa got tired, so Maud called me Saturday afternoon and asked if I could come over to help some more.

Obviously there was nothing I could say but yes, so I packed up the kids and headed back.

We rolled more fondant, and made a rainbow bow and put the fondant on the cake and then applied our bow and polka dots and I thought I was going to die.

We got it all done, and I'd post a picture but my computer is being a little bitch and won't let me. But it was adorable.

Fondant make look pretty, but its a bitch.


Miley (woman:confused) said...

bwahhahahaa, her name is Aria! Love it!
Can't wait to see the pic. Maude is totally fab with cakes, fo' sho! Cara absolutely deserves the best on that :D

Crazy Brunette said...

Post a pic hoe!

Christy said...

Where's the photo? I'm with CB on this. We want to see it.

Kristy said...

The cake was awesome and the best baby shower cake I have ever seen. You rock!!!!

If I weren't so technologically disadvantaged, I would post a picture. The pics will totally be on my facebook.