Saturday, September 25, 2010

Poor Rowlf..

In case y'all don't remember, this is my baby:

His name is Rowlf and I am in love with his floppiness. I love that he frequently looks like a big throw rug. I also love his personality. He's so mellow it's unreal and I love it.

We've taken him to the groomers before and they did a good job, but they didn't really trim his face enough, so it grew back pretty quickly.

So I sent Bean to take him back and asked him to instruct them to trim his face a little better..

They did.

My big wonderful floppy dog has been turned into a fucking poodle. And yes, I realize that he's a goldendoodle and therefore is a poodle (or at least he's 75% a poodle), but if I'd wanted a fucking poodle, I would have bought a fucking poodle instead of an adorable floppy mop.

I'm so upset. I literally cried when Bean brought him home.

I guess it's good that he can see, but his Halloween costume is ruined.. He was going to be Chewbacca.


Sandra said...

Ok, it's not funny but I'm laughing, cuz I thought he was a poodle!
Well, don't worry. Before you know it, the hair will have grown back into his, minutes! Just wait!

Judie said...

In the first picture, I thought that was his big fluffy tail. Now I see you have a labraPoodle!!

Do you dress your dog for Halloween? I do!

Christy said...

Awwwww!!!! He's adorable! But don't worry, a friend of mine has a Bichon/Poodle mix and his grows like weeds.

Sara said...

I would've wept. I'm totally serious.

The throw rug description is perfect, and actually succeeded in making me quite jealous.

Don't ever let them do that again. That shit is cruel.

Miss Nikki said...

I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw the new do. Eeeks, I woulda freaked, but it's true the hair does grow ├╝ber fast! Thank gawde for that... I still don't see the eyes though (wink wink)

Princess Andy said...

omg that made me totally laugh.

sorry, i would have ripped the face off the bitch that did that to my dog.

(i only said "bitch" because you said "fuck" so i figure it's okay;)

cathyjoy said...

my airedale got a poodle cut once.

i could not stop laughing.

and he was SO embarrassed.

thank goodness hair grows.