Saturday, September 18, 2010

Going to a Shower or Jenn Gets Bitchy

This post was originally for last week, but got scooted on down so I could do my Back to Blogging posts. Which were super fun.
If you haven't read about the cake, you might want to go here. If not, then just know, last Sunday, my friend Aria and I threw a baby shower for our good friend Cara.

I made the cake and it was delivered to my house on Saturday. And Aria and I had done some of the set-up on Thursday, so I really didn't have much to do Sunday.

Aria came and picked up the cake around 11:30 (because I would have had it through the windshield with my jerky standard driving action) and I was going to meet her there at 1:00.

At 12:15, Bean helped me load up the truck but Mom wasn't home, and she had the tea and sugar for our tea party shower in her trunk (which I am fully willing to admit I should have unloaded Saturday, but I was tired from cake makin').

So as I sat there fuming about my blown schedule, I looked down at my cute little sundress and I see that there's something all down one side - a sticky nasty something.


No problem, I'll change. Into sundress #2 I go.

The zipper broke 2 seconds after I got it on.

Double Fuck.

Into my closet to find something else to wear.

Black skirt doesn't fit. Gray skirt is dirty. No shirt for that skirt, and that dress is too short.

Khaki pants and a maroon top it is.

And it's 12:45, I should have left at 12:30 and Mom's still not home.

Triple Fuck.

I couldn't really tell you what exactly was said, but it involved Bean and possible overuse of "fuck" and ended up with him trying to understand why I needed tea when we had tea.

I didn't have time to explain so I called another friend Ophalia to see if she could come over and wait for Mom to mosey on home with the tea.

Again, I couldn't tell you actual words, but there was definite overuse of "fuck" and ended with her telling me she'd take care of it.

Good friend.

I got to the shower okay, apparantly being pissed helps me drive a stick better but I did share some of my misfortune when Aria broke a pitcher shortly after I arrived.


Miss Nikki said...

So... how's that therapy and your anger management coming along? hahaha! I'm sorry, that was not the thing to say to make you feel better about yourself. hahaha! I'm laughing at my own social clutziness. Do you still love me even if you don't know who the fuck I am really? hahaha!

You and Miley make me want to move to Houston... That is where you're at right?

Jennifer Juniper said...

Yes.. and oh my giddy aunt you should. We would have SO much fun!!