Friday, July 30, 2010

Fawk You Friday

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Yeah, I totally did 2 different Friday Follow posts - I wouldn't want to offend any sticks in the mud who happen along accidentally.

Fawk you Perry. I'm not married to you any more. My groceries are not your groceries. Maybe you should think about bringing your own fucking food over to my house. It wouldn't kill you - you're a fucking architect and I'm a secretary for fucks sake - I promise you make more money than me.

Fawk you Amara and Mom. I made plans for my children and I'm not changing them just so that Amara can bless them with her presence.

Fawk you stupid movie that made no sense (AKA The Handmaid's Tale). You made me need to read the book version and it's pretty fucked up and disturbing when you're as neurotic as I am.

Fawk you Mr. My Favorite Author's Son. I'm thrilled that you took over your mom's series - really I am, because she's getting pretty old. But really do you have to make so many convoluted 3+ people sexual relationships?? I mean, yeah, it's kind of kinky, but if this is how you think, I believe you need to move over to romance.

Fawk you Dr. No Personality. You gave me an unlimited supply of vicodin for my headaches, but you won't give me anything for weightloss when I've gained 40 lbs in 7 months for no apparant reason AND you agree with me that I need to lose weight??


Max Evel said...

Now have a Fawking Good Friday !

Just Me said...

Exes just suck ass. He should get his own life and eat somewhere else. So JJ, who is your favorite author?

Hollywood Chic said...

Ah, in regards to the comment I had left about "product reviewers being poor and just wanting something for free"... I'm choosing to withhold her name as she's underage. I certainly do not wish to get myself into trouble or lead others into trouble because some little bitch decided she wanted to hop on my blog and "judge others" because she was turned down for product reviewing and now "has beef" with all of us who choose to do something professionally.

She later emailed me, claimed that I had no "right" to post the rant I did. Ha. Kids this is why we don't smoke crack.. Right.

Have a great Friday.

Perfectly Unperfect said...

Aren't doctors grand? My former doctor told me that I had the same problem he did-tonage.Yep....said it right to my face.

Only he had had the lap band procedure to lose weight, which he was in the middle of...along the way he losing all that weight...he also lost his damn mind!

Happy Friday!!

-MissC* said...

Hello sister! I am following you back! Purely on your comment that Marriage vows say you must stay up and entertain us! lol That gave me a nice morning giggle! Can't wait to read more!

~J said...

Your ex sounds like a major tool! LOL...You must email me about this raunchy book writer when you have time. ;)

Tell your doc I said he sounds like a douche!

Marianne said...

You make me so thankful that my x refuses to speak to me or have anything to do with me!

I'm a new follower, and I can't wait to read more! You make me smile!

Lucy's Human

Donda said...

Stopping by from FYF. I would like to meet this Dr. NoPersonality!!

Candance said...

Diet pills are good. The "Handmaid's Tale" is a great book. I had no idea there was a movie version.

Apparently my parents aren't the only ones who didn't get the memo about how makes plans for my kids. Who knew?