Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Son is So Cool and Also Possibly Gay

I have realized recently that I blog much more about Oliver than Tallulah. I'd like to state for the record that it's absolutely NOT because Oliver is my favorite. I don't think that I have a favorite, really.

(Though, I'm also fairly certain that's what most parents who do have a favorite tell themselves)

It's just that Tallulah is nothing like me.

Yes, she's girly, and loves music and sings most of the time and she's a drama queen high strung. And all of those things are like me. But she's just very normal.
Yes, she's very smart and artistic and special and she can be insanely sweet and helpful (when it gets her something she wants). But she's happy in the box. It's where she chooses to be.

So, incidentally, she doesn't really make for interesting blogging.

Oliver, on the other hand..

Has tried to hatch dragon eggs in the backyard.

Wants to be a leprechaun for Halloween.

Is convinced that he will be getting a letter from Hogwarts next summer, since obviously he takes after me and not his Squib father, Alien.

Has picked out the song for my funeral - "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" - and told me.

Randomly bursts into song.

He's like me, only WAY weirder cooler.

This weekend he was my date for "Wicked" after Bean got sick.

I told him that I had the cutest date there.

Yes, I know. It's okay, Mommy, I'll make you look good.

We discussed his plans for the series of books he's planning on writing.

He held a not sarcatic conversation with a man who set off the smoke detectors about fashion and music and coke (the soda kind, not the illegal drug kind), using phrases like true that.

And he loved the musical.


Miss Nikki said...

I hope he gets a letter from Hogwarts. But if he does, keep your fingers crossed he doesn't end up in the Slitherin gang. He does sound absolutely wonderful, probably like how I'd wish my kids woulda been (if I coulda had 'em...)

KLZ said...

You had me at tried to hatch dragon eggs in the back yard. Every mom needs a child like that.

Well, except for the moms who suck. Screw them.

Jennifer Juniper said...

It was awesome!! He found the spell in a book and gathered all the ingredients.
He also tells people who come to visit that our floating bookcases are just books magically stuck to the wall, because his mom can do that.

Candance said...

He tried to hatch dragon eggs in the backyard. He's freaking awesome!

Christy said...

He sounds a lot like my nephew. He can have conversations like that and he is very convincing when he speaks. He's been that way since he could talk. Awesome post! I love dragon eggs btw.

Marlene said...

If he's successful at hatching those dragon eggs, you'll be a very rich mother. ;)

Jennifer Juniper said...

Christy - Oliver's always been like this. And he was also born talking - he babbled in complete sentences, like you knew he was asking a question, you just really weren't sure what it was..
Marlene - Part of me really kind of wished he had been successful, I mean a dragon?? How cool would that be. But the other part of me knows how much poop a 40lb dog makes and really doesn't want to experience dragon poop.

Midwestern Mama Holly said...

Hatching eggs in the yard?? How cool.. tru dat!!