Sunday, July 4, 2010

Serious Sunday - Independance Day

I'm not a huge patriotic person, and as I said earlier, I'm not really the fireworks-watching-flag-waving type (though I think Bean means to change that)..

But I am happy to be an American. And I am proud to married to a veteran. And I do think that celebrating our independance is important, whether it's with fireworks or reflectively.

I know there are a shit-ton of people who hate Americans, and that's ok, we're not always very likable.

I'm just really glad that I live somewhere that it's ok for me to hate my President (and I'm not saying that I do or don't - just that I could) and say something about it. I'm happy that I can bitch and be bitched at about religion. And I'm fucking thrilled that I get a vote in who leads my country and that it's not illegal for me to choose to exercise that right.

I love being an American.

Happy Independance Day.


Miss Nikki said...

Not that I'm American, I'm a green cardian... But having lived in both Canada AND the USA, I can say this: both countries are sooooooo much more similar than anybody would ever admit. Especially Canadians. I have the same feelings of pride as you do, and the same feelings of not feeling the need to wave the flag and blow fireworks. BUT it's still nice to think of how lucky we are to grow in a country with real freedom and democracy.

Enough with this lovey-dovey stuff and let's blow shit up so we can watch the sky light up!

Sarah R said...

Great post!

I love that I can watch the fireworks and enjoy that to me, it means pretty colors and big booms and that's completely okay that I don't want to wave a flag either! :) I am thankful I live in this country.