Monday, June 28, 2010

Bean Wins.

We've been trumped.

Colorado is Switzerland, they have Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

He likes to be right, he's happy.


Miss Nikki said...

This is not relevant to the post, but hurray for Bean! (ok, now it's relevant, the following isn't)

Where do we sign up for Fawk-You Fridays, or we don't sign up and that's the whole fawk you thing, we just lash out on those who deserve to be told fawk you? What about the meme thing? Do you know where to go for that? I like playing... Can I call you JJ? I've asked you before, but now that I know you don't go back to comments you posted I realize that's why I never got an answer. I always wanted somebody in my life I could call JJ (you know, like dynomite!) I'm a geek, that's just how I am! A long winded worded nerded geek! Ohh, cookies fresh out the oven. See y'a!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Yes, you can call me JJ, and I'll post you the links for Word Up Yo! and Fawk You Friday.