Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Get It!! Finally.

This week I have been way more blog-centric than usual.. Normally I post up my schtick and then wait until I have something else to say however many days later, and then I read my comments (which to be honest have for the most part until this week been from people I actually know..). Consequently I have learned so many things about blogging that I did not know before.

Like all these cool things that have convinced me that I’m totally in love.

  1. Friday Follows – LOOOVE them!! That shit keeps me busy at work for hours !! I like the whole new people following me and stuff, but really it’s about keeping me from being bored and it rocks my socks off!!
  2. You can pre-post shit!! Did you know that?!?! It’s the coolest thing EVER!! It means that all the random ass shit I write at work I can take home & pre-post to show up on my blog later in the week & then I’m looking all kinds of productive!!
    ( everything is blocked at work, and my phone really doesn’t like to post shit – it’s way too smart/cool/kickass for that, or maybe I’m just not smart enough to figure out how to do it. So I write stuff and save it and post it when I get home..)
  3. Bloggy people are so nice. Actually, it’s probably more like the people who don’t like you silently lurk, or at least that’s what I do, I’m not going to post a comment on someone’s blog saying “You sound like a total dickwhistle and I’m never coming back to your sucky blog again!!”, and I’ve never had a comment like that posted on mine. So bloggy people are nice. I like them.
  4. I’m not the only one with a split on-line personality. Several people that I follow admit to having a “normal” blog and a “crazy” blog. I like that, it makes me feel less sneaky.
  5. Closely related to 4 but just a little different - Reading about people who are almost as crazy as me makes me feel warm & fuzzy. And the plethora of them supports my theory that everyone is a little crazy, but no one but me, Bean & Miley like to admit it.
  6. The guys at work also like the blogs I do, and if I read an entry out loud to them, it’s good for at least a 30 minute conversation.
  7. Blogging and blog reading from my computer is WAY easier than doing it from my phone.

Of course, not everything was good, but obviously, since I’m still here, they weren’t that bad.

  1. When I follow more than 3 blogs I have one hell of a time trying to keep shit straight.
  2. Bean thinks the Bloggess sounds like me. And at first I was insanely flattered that he thought I was that awesome, but then, after he said he couldn’t read her because he can’t keep up with his own randomness much less hers, I realized it’s not that he thinks I’m that awesome, it’s that he thinks I’m that random. Fuck. So much for my self-esteem.
  3. Mom is the nosiest person EVER!! I was typing up an entry for later and she passed through to make her dinner and was all “Whatcha doin??” and I said “Blogging” and I had minimized it, so she was all “What you don’t want me to see what you’re writing??” and I’m all “No, not particularly”. So she huffed away and said “That’s ok, I’ll just read your blog later. Unless it’s a secret blog…..”
    WTF?? I’m 29 fucking years old. It’s not a “secret” blog, it’s a “NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS” blog.
    Grr. This is why I have two blogs and thank my fucking lucky stars that my mother is not computer savvy.
    I need an incognito picture. Maybe Miley will help.
  4. Blogging all day long sucks my phone battery like a porn star.

There are still some things that confuse the shit out of me, though.

  1. What the hell are memes and all those other weird blog words (that I can’t think of now that I’m trying to ask about them)??
  2. Do I have an email address??
  3. Am I supposed to have an email address??
  4. How the hell do I make this numbering thing look right?!?!


Miss Nikki said...

“You sound like a total dickwhistle and I’m never coming back to your sucky blog again!!” mfhgouhaaahahahah! Yeah, there were times when I wanted to post such a comment! But instead I just stop going back. So there! I sure showed them by never going back to their stoopid blog!

Back when I had an "up-front" blog and posted drawings or pics I took, people immediately assumed everything up on my blog was my original creation. One day I posted a picture of a cloudy sky and left the watermark link on the pic, thinking it was obvious it wasn't MY picture. But didn't credit the source underneath. It was there, edged in the photo right? Why add a credit? One person got so furious at me and posted something like: "You should at least provide the source for this photographer and not make us believe YOU took it. Now I will assume every other picture and illustration on your blog was also stolen from a real artist" Ouch. I never once assumed I was a real artist. I'd show off my goofy doodles. And the rare picture that I thought was awesome. Which is like 1 in a thousand!

I ramble... But, yeah thank god bloggers are nice to each other and follow my mom's golden rule "if you don't have anything nice to say then shut the fuck up". My mom cusses, she's cool like that!

My nasty commentator obviously a) did not know my mom, nor her golden rule; and b) was not a blogger.

I've pretty much let my other blog die a silent death. It died of boredom. My new secret identity blog is much more fun, and MUCH better since I get to say what I really want to say, and talk about really important stuff like when I had my first brazilian wax.

Keep on blogging JJ, you're awesome! (sign I am a blogger, I give positive re-inforcement). And your numbering thing looks ok to me. AND I never ever saw the word memes, can't help you there. You don't have an email address? Is that codeword for something? Of course you have an email??? wtf? (you know what wtf means right?)

Miss Nikki said...

Oops, I did it again. Posted a comment that is long enough to be a post in itself. Sorry to hog your blog... (AGAIN!)

Sarah R said...

I'm glad I happened to find your blog and I have no idea what a meme is! Maybe some dick whistle will post about it and tell us. ;)

KLZ said...

1. A meme is like a game everyone plays. There are a lot of them out there. I host Word Up, Yo! (vocabulary game - post about it with the new word goes up tomorrow) or you'll see a lot of people do Wordless Wednesday. Some people love them some people hate them. If you like Friday Follow memes are a good way to find people with the same interests as you.

2. If you don't have an email address, get one. I want to send you emails.

3. Your numbering looks great.

4. I am going to start calling everyone I know dickwhistle. But as a sign of affection.

Christy said...

I had all those questions too. So I asked my 26 year old daughter and she informed me of everything I was too old to know about. Welcome to the world of blogging. And, yes, I am one of those people with 2 types of blogs. And, guess what? My family doesn't know anything about the crazy blog. That way I get to rant and I don't hurt their feelings cause as we all know, we only hurt the ones we love. I think it's healthy to vent, you just don't have to bring down those around you while you're doing it. But there are people out there who enjoy listening. So blog on, vent on, and let us hear your rants.

Jennifer Juniper said...

Miss Nikki - My other blog is horribly boring, but it makes Mom, #4 (cousin) & Uncle Jew happy, and really its not that hard to post up pics of the kids occassionally.
And, hog away. It makes me smile.

Sarah - I'm so glad I'm not alone in my ignorance.

KLZ - Thank you!!!! I have like 12 email addresses by I thought I had one up on my profile and I was confused.. It's all fixed now.
Any yeah, the numbering looked like crap until I posted it & then it magically fixed itself, and I guess that I'd rather it look right for ya'll and not me, but how am I supposed to tell??
I remembered the other one I was confused by - Linkys - anyone??

And credit for Dickwhistle totally goes to my friend Dinnercakes (she's on Etsy if you're interested), she posted it up on my new fb, and I was all - I'm SO stealing that!!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Oh Fuck!! I confused my cousins.. #4 doesn't give a rats ass about any blogs, it's #2 that bitches when I don't post. Sorry.

♥Cari♥ said...

Loving your blog :)

bluzdude said...

I also get bugged by the Blogging at Work Dance. I can read Blogspot sites, but I can't access comments. But I do get all comments on my site emailed to me there, so I can send myself an immediate responding comment. Then I post them all when I get home. But it messes with the inside of my head.

Like when I see someone comment, then see on my StatCounter site, that the same person is checking back a couple hours later for a response, I feel all guilty.

I suppose I should just put in a line on my Comments Section saying all my weekday responses will come after 6:00 pm.

When it's slow at work, sometimes I do write a post, but I write it in Word and copy it into the Blogspot template from home. (I always write in Word, for ease of format and spellchecking, plus it becomes my backup library.

Looks like Woman:Confused pimping you out this week has done you some good!

woman:confused said...

I'm so happy my pimping worked!
I'm back in your time zone, so I know that makes you less insane.
Working on getting you an incognito picture like mine...

Jennifer Juniper said...

Cari - thank you so much, I need to go check yours out.

Bluzdude - I can read comments & reply to my hearts content (like now), posting is just a problem so I too use word.

And yes Miley's pimping worked wonders, between that & Friday Follow I've got all kinds of bloggy friends..

Flufferwuffer said...

I'm following :) You started following me last Friday, and I'm JUST getting around to following back. Sorry for the lateness ;)

Cheap Geeks Anonymous

Jennifer Juniper said...

Hehe.. Better late than never, right??