Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I May Have Started a War

I'm really hoping there won't be any actual bloodshed, but I may have picked a big ass fight.
I purged my facebook friends list.
I personally don't really see the big deal, I mean, I got a little upset when my bitchy ass cousin, Mia, added me (and I agonized over whether or not to accept, because I can't stand her, and I didn't want to start a big ol facebook fight, but Mom had added her so I had to - and then I watched everything I posted for months looking for any double meanings - because she sees them in everything I do or say), and then a month later de-friended me. But I was just mad that she friended me when she hates me just so that she could what?? Spy on me, rip my heart out when she de-friended me?? I didn't get it, so I was annoyed.

wow, I just re-read that, and it's a little crazy, but that's ok. Ya'll know me.

Anyway, I don't see the big deal. But I know some people do and I really don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

Mostly I did it because I had already "Tiered" my friends so that I could control who sees what, and those who didn't make the top 2 tiers weren't seeing any of my posts, or my wall, anyway.
And I had some kids from the church on my list, and really I post some seriously inappropriate stuff sometimes, and what if my privacy settings go all wonky and they get to see that stuff somehow?? Not good.

The only people I left were people who I regularly interact with, either on facebook or in person, and my family (who are on the very bottom tier, because they really like to pretend like I'm not insane).

But what I'm wondering is - If people get all upset that they were de-friended, what do they do??

a) Call you up with a big WTF?!?!

b) Re-friend you in case it was a mistake.

c) TP your house.

d) Talk shit about you to everyone they know.

e) None of the above - they don't care, because I was just boosting the number on their friends list.

I vote for E, but if I can't have that, I pick C, because then at least I don't have to deal with it. I think that might make me a coward, but I really don't care.


Midwestern Mama Holly said...

I have FB anxiety sometimes. I hate to feel like I have to watch my every word.

Miss Nikki said...

The first time I de-friended somebody he emailed me with a lot really angry words. Then proceeded to ignore me at work for weeks. It was weird.

Now I have closed my FB account, before doing so I de-friended everybody, deleted every comment and photo, untagged myself from everything and I am now Facebook free for over 1 month. Life is better without Facebook. AND all this went without a hitch. People just asked me why I wasn't posting anything anymore! Facebook is evil. (Or are the people the evil ones and FB is just their tool?) -- haha, I said "tool".

Jennifer Juniper said...

LOL.. I finally said fuck it and made another account so that my family could be all happy with the normal happy family bs, and my friends could see my daily ramblings.

And so far, none of the de-friended have said a word.