Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Way Back Wednesday

I'm kind of excited about this.. The idea is to answer the "Way Back Wednesday" question of the week and then link up (which I'm not sure I did right, I guess we'll find out)..

This week's question is:

What are your favorite memories from your wedding?

Hmmmmm.. First off, my wedding doesn't count as way back, I've only been married for 6 months (we don't count the first time, I've successfully block almost all of those memories unless they involve Oliver & Tallulah).

The whole day was pretty much awesome, it's hard to pick..

First off, I was not nervous, I was excited.. I remember Maud delivering my cake, and it was GORGEOUS .

And then getting to the church and walking in on my best friend & his wife rehearsing the music, and it sounded so beautiful that I teared up and had to leave before I ruined my makeup.

And the kids looked so good, just angelic.. That's always nice.

The expression on Bean's face when I walked in was amazing.

During picture time everyone was all goofy, and that was fun - and for a couple of shots, the photographers all ummm, Jenn, get up on the piano and I was all huh and she was like yup, I think I want you up on the piano. So I had to call #5 in to help me up on the piano, because, while I could have done it alone, my dumbass probably would have ripped my dress, and #5 is ridiculously strong..

Then after all that, we just went back to the house to hang out (it was not a huge wedding) and Aunt Godmother gave us her gift - it was this huge ass box full of Hallmark Peanuts ornaments that she had been collecting and saving for Bean for 35 years.. I cried.

And to top all of it off, they pimped out my car..

It was pretty much a perfect day.


Steph said...

GREAT pictures! I love your dress!

I pretty much blocked out all memories of my first time around, too. ;) LOL.

Steph said...

Oh, and linked up perfectly! :)

Kristy said...

Your wedding was beautiful!!!!!! Good memories!

Aunt Crazy said...

Love the pictures and that cake is awesome!!!

Sippy Cup Mom said...

I love it! That cake is amazing!

KLZ said...

Oh, that seems so unbelievably perfect. Lovely. Just lovely.

Victoria said...

What a great wedding! I love the cake and the box or ornaments is such a sweet gift!

Jennifer Juniper said...

It was an even better cake because my ex mother-in-law made it, all of her cakes are awesome - she needs a blog, she did a pirate ship with a sail & cannons for Oliver one year..

And the ornaments were so awesome because I'm Christmas crazy - as in 5 trees Christmas Crazy.

Midwestern Mama Holly said...

Beautiful pictures. Looks like you had a wonderful wedding.

Now... my first wedding was a big elaborate 300 plus guest in attendance production. I should have beat feet when I thought of it, while standing at the altar.

The 2nd time - I married my Mr Perfect. We eloped. No muss, no fuss.......perfect!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Lol.. I vaguely remember my first one being large, but it was hard to tell through the hysterical sobs.

We did simple, almost no decorations, no suits for the guys & LBDs for the girls, I think other than the rings Tallulah's dress was the most expensive part.

Oh, and we had catering by Pa.

(Have I mentioned how much I love that man??)

woman:confused said...

Good times, good times. I got hit on and everything. Except... I am curious as to why Mr. J wasn't at this wedding... hmmm....

In any case, it was fabulous.
The first wedding involved a bar. I remember that. Oh, and Amara being nice to me. Noteworthy stuff and all.

I also got all farklempt about the ornaments after Aunt Godmother explained it to me. TOTALLY awesome.

Candance said...

You're dress is freaking awesome! Sounds like the perfect wedding-and day!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Amara being nice to anyone, ever, is noteworthy. Didn't she introduce you to people as my only "real" friend??

And I have no idea why Glass wasn't there, I can't remember if we invited him..

woman:confused said...

yes, she did!! THAT was how she was nice! Of course, at the time, considering I drove 5 hours to the wedding I think it wasn't sarcasm.

Glass... hmmm... You'll have to explain the name to me later.