Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Let You Entertain Me.

You guys really need to write more, and comment more and just you know, entertain me more, all day long. See, I spend the vast majority of my day staring off into space and getting paid for it. And I’m not complaining, but it makes my day really fucking long.

It’s not that I don’t want to work, because I really don’t have a problem with that. It’s just that I’m so damn good at my job that it doesn’t take me very long to do it. (Plus, my boss really likes to try to do my job, so he takes away my reports whenever he gets bored, which is often)

So all day long at work, I read, unless I’m reading a boring book, or have no book. Or I play Spider Solitaire (and I rawk at that). Or I read blogs, only I don’t really read that many blogs, so when I’ve already read all of the blogs I read I go browsing for new blogs, but that takes time, and I have to read a whole bunch of crap just to find one blog I like.

So it would just be easier for me if M – F you guys would all post like 5 times, and then comment all over everything.


Midwestern Mama Holly said...

I'm writing... I'm writing, or something that loosely resembles it. =]

Jennifer Juniper said...

I noticed!! And you have no idea how much I appreciate it!!

Candance said...

I totally thought the same thing yesterday and got all bitter because people are off doing fun summery things and not writing and I can't even convince my damn kid to go to the pool, which not only makes me have nothing to write about, but all that fun makes everyone else not have anything-dammit!

I'll try to entertain you today.

Jennifer Juniper said...

Thank you Candace, I actually really need it today, I'm having a neurotic day (I'll tell ya'll about it later, its a bitch to post from my phone), so I need some distraction.

Marlene said...

Here from your friend's blog....I see you used the word "obnoxious" in your side bar. I like that. :) I'm snarky, myself.

Princess Andy said...

aaaggghhh! tried to email you back from your comment but google hates me because i swear. or maybe you don't have an email to respond to.


i shall entertain you IMMEDIATELY.

re: my post...

you just wait until your kids are older! it shocks me what they are exposed to outside of the house.

probably i should start a cult of home schooling and a self sustaining farm. i just need some cows i think. and instructions on how to make moonshine.

oh, scratch that last one...the boyfriend is a newfie.

thanks for coming by:)


Timoteo said...

Enjoy your stuff, sense of humor--and I do LOTS of writing! (Taking summers off is for blogging wimps!)

Ally said...

i miss working and sneaking off to read blogs when things got slow.

Jennifer Juniper said...

Marlene - I am sometimes very obnoxious, and I love that word. I just love the way it sounds..

Timoteo - Thank you!! I totally agree, like you need a vacation!!

Ally - See that's kind of the problem, I'm so on top of my work (not to sound snotty - but my job is just that brainless), that almost every day, all day long is slow. I play Spider in front of the VP and he doesn't care..

Miss Nikki said...

Wow... I'll have to do that, call my readers M - F and then get a lot of comments like you do. That's cool. I'll read a lot of your posts and comment. But if you don't read my blog then I'll never ever come back here ever again! Not really, that's how bad I seek approval and fear rejection! (See above comment).

Keep on blogging!

p.s. sorry, but I'm the queen of obnoxiousness and top annoying person I know, you may end up blocking me from your blog!

KLZ said...

I'm here for your entertainment :)

Have you read all the Word Up, Yo! Or Mama Kat's writing workshop posts? Super easy way to find new bloggers/entertainment.

Annah said...

I am writing! And drawing ! SO why aren't you on my page. lol. PS. We sound like we have the same job or something.