Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

To all you Fathers out there, Happy Father's Day. You have no idea how much influence you have on your children. Keep up the good work.

Normally this would be where I share a happy childhood memory of my father, but, my dad was a jackass. So instead of remembering him, I'll honor Pa, Oliver's grandfather who has adopted Tallulah, me & Bean.

Pa smokes and drinks and cusses. He likes to look at boobs and has taken Oliver to Hooters. He collects Easter Peeps and keeps them for years.
All of these things crack me up.

He can fix anything that's broken (even a spirit) and knows everything about everything. He cooks like nobody's business.

He's kind and generous and loving and strong, and he's someone that I wish had really been my father, and I'm so grateful to have been adopted by him.

He & Bean are kindred spirits, and I hope that Oliver & Tallulah know how lucky they are to have these two great men in their lives.


bluzdude said...

Everyone should know that Peeps aren't any good until they've aged a couple years.

Sounds like a heck of a guy... I'm glad you've got him.

Christy said...

Sounds great. My dad was both distant and close. When I was very small, he taught me how to play baseball and played with me and my brother all the time. Unfortunately, my grandmother raised him. She was not the most touchy feely kind of person. I'm glad you have someone who can be the grandparent you need.

Marlene said...

What a sweet tribute to "Pa".

Candance said...

How awesome does he sound?!?! I want one!! Glad y'all have him!

woman:confused said...

I love Pa. He's fab.
Not exactly mr cuddly, but at the same time, TOTALLY cuddly...
plus he cooks really well.

Jennifer Juniper said...

Everyone needs a Pa. We went over there last night & had a blast. He didn't cook though, Grandma Maud did, but it was still yummy.

Ma What's 4 dinner said...

I love PA!!! Everyone needs someone in their life like that. I'm glad you have someone, especially if your own dad is a jackass. There's a lot of them out there!

Great post!

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner