Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bored and Manic All at the Same Time.

Bean & I have only been married since December, and while we dated for over a year before that, I guess somehow he missed Manic-Jenn.

I got bored with the current arrangement of the rooms in our house, or maybe inspired is a better word. So I asked him if we could move them and he said yes.

So Monday I steam cleaned the carpet in the front room and moved as much of the dining stuff out as I could. Then I went shopping and bought some new curtains and picture frames and a bookcase and an end table. Then I came home and moved the TV in our bedroom onto the floor, ganked that TV stand and moved it into the front room that was dry. Then I started reframing some pictures and ordering some others to pick up later. Then I put together the end table, moved some DVD shelves and reorganized the DVDs and finally made Bean help me move the massive four thousand lbs TV from the middle room into the front room, and I ganked that TV stand and took it back to our room and put the TV on it.

Oh yeah, and I also moved our bed. It was fun.

And this whole time Bean's all "WTF is wrong with you woman?!?!".

And I'm just like "Nuthin. Just want to get this done."

So today, I moved the couch out of the middle room into the front room, put together my bookcase, moved my books all around, finished the pictures and started hooking up the TV and hung the curtains.

And Bean's still all "WTF?!?!"

Eh. He'll get used to it.

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woman:confused said...

ok, but... you have moved your bed like 15 times in the last 6 months. How did he not notice???

Guess he's just smoth like that.