Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Socially Neurotic and Afraid of Rejection Bloggers Group

First of all, I need to apologize for anything and everything I said today. It's been one of those days that reminds me why I need to find a good shrink and a prescription for valium.

See, my friend Miley is a member of Studio 30 Plus, and she has nothing but good things to say about them, and she totally loves it. I think it’s totally cool, and I’ve looked around the site a little, happy that Miley has a group, but I’m not 30, I can’t join. Oh look, butterflies!! And I didn’t really think about it again, until today.

I was snooping through some blogs and found one that looked cool, except that the author is crafty, and I don’t understand crafty people. So I was about to leave when I saw that Crafty Lady is a member of 20 Something Bloggers!!

So I thought, That is so cool!! I can join that group, because I am 20 something!!

That’s when it started, my crazy totally kicked in and thoughts started flying..

But will they kick me out in a year when I turn 30?? Because then I would be sad. I just shouldn’t join the 20 Something Bloggers.

Maybe I can join the 30 Plus group, because I am very close to being 30??

But if those 30 Plus bloggers found out that I’m not 30 yet, would they kick me out?? Because then I would be sad and I wouldn’t be able to be in any groups then because the 40 Something bloggers want to kill me. I still can’t join the 30 Plus bloggers.

But if I joined the 20 Something Bloggers, that I belong with, will they like me?? Am I too crazy for them?? Maybe I am. Maybe that’s why I don’t have many friends who are 20 Something. They will hate me, and then they will want to kill me just like 40 Something Bloggers. I’m not going to join.

Fuck!! I want a group!! Is there a Crazy Ladies Who Don’t Want to be in the Other Groups group?? Or perhaps a Socially Neurotic and Afraid of Rejection group?? Because I think I want those groups.

Double fuck. I can’t find the Crazy Ladies Who Don’t Want to be in the Other Groups group or the Socially Neurotic and Afraid of Rejection group. Can I make them?? How do I make them??

Damn Crafty Lady!! I was all accepting of my lack of a group until you came along, and now I want to cry about my grouplessness.

I would like to point out, for the record, that this neurotic breakdown is not my fault. Miley is in a different time zone, so I can’t call her because it confuses me to call across time zones, I never know if it’s a good time to call or if it’s 3AM, and she’s been gone forever, and I need her to be my brain.
Also, when I finally did text her, she was all “you can never join the 30 Something blog group because you just celebrated your last birthday” (I’m not turning 30, I’m staying 29 forever), so now I’m ready to cry because I didn’t think of that..
But don’t worry, I told her that she’s not allowed to be in a different time zone than me anymore, so this shouldn’t happen again.


bluzdude said...

The Group for People that Don't Like to Join Groups sounds like a good idea. If you find one, do let me know.

I found you here from where your friend Woman:Confused pimped you out. Your site looks like fun so I put you on my blogroll.


Midwestern Mama Holly said...

Youre closer to 30? Join the 30s group... Im there and I wont reject you, as long as you dont tell them that I am in my 40s. But in my defense it says 30+ ( notice that plus sign?) Im using it as my qualifier.

Cheeseboy said...

Musings sent me over. Being blog buddies is what I do. I am not in any group, but I am 34. I didn't even realize there were groups. I just like blogs that I like, regardless of age.

Miss Nikki said...

I think the most important thing with the 30+ gang is we all firmly believe in the first amendment which says "Rules are meant to be broken" Get it? I made a funny! It's so not an amendment, but since rules are meant to be broken I can call it whatever I want. That's how cool we are at 30+.

BUT... if you build it they will come: that Crazy Ladies Who Don’t Want to be in the Other Groups group or the Socially Neurotic and Afraid of Rejection group. I would follow you to the socially neurotic and afraid of rejection group anyday. ANYDAY! (Is there a caps option for bigger than ANYDAY?) yeah I'm in. Add social misfit to the mix and you've got yourself a ringside leader!

Can I follow your blog if I'm over 40?

Marlene said...

I'm with Cheeseboy. Age- schamge......unless of course you're stinky old cheese.

I'm over 40. I'm here...hope that's ok.

Jennifer Juniper said...

You guys are cracking me up..

I don't actually care about the whole age thing, I think its more the whole I don't belong anywhere, and normally that is just fine with me, but for some reason today I was freaking out about it..

I need meds. And Miley, and not necessarily in that order.

And please follow my blog Miss Nikki & Marlene cause I'm loving yours.

KLZ said...

I like upir exclusiveli inexclusive group. Is there a card or something I can present to people to let them know I'm in?

Have you akready looked at Blogher and Type-A Mom Network to join? Have you considered being reviewed at Blog Brew Review (that kast one is self serving, I'm a contributor there. No pressure though, just email me if you're interested.)

Now that I think about it a whole group for 29 year olds who've had their last birthday might take off swimmingly.

Jennifer Juniper said...

I didn't think of the 29 year olds blog group - cause that would be a lot of fun..

KLZ - I didn't look at Blogher yet, mostly because I didn't know what it was, but I may head on over there.
I did see Word Up Yo & I love it.

Sarah R said...

I'm 29 too, so let me know when you start up the group for crazy, insecure 29 year-olds!

Candance said...

I'm rejecting you because you're not 30 yet ;0).

There's a Southern Mamas group. I'm in it even though I don't have their badge on my page because I can't figure out how to put badges on it and move them where I want them because sometimes my Macbook gets angry at me and wants to do what she wants to do and not what I want to do and then I love her a little less.